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Unique Visitors

I can tell my child is really happy here, when at home she talks about the nursery, staff and children constantly

I cannot recommend enough, this is a wonderful nursery my child is content and happy and gets upset when we drive past the nursery on days she doesn’t attend. The staff are wonderful and caring

Wouldn’t want my child anywhere else

We cant believe how well our children have settled in, especially our son who has been at another nursery for the past 3 years

Our son comes home from nursery wanting a nap, which has never happened before which we know now that he has been stimulated and enjoyed his time

I am extremely happy with the care provided

We are all really happy with her development, this is due to the staff and the environment

Love the structured approach, always positive and interactive

Has even been helped in trying more foods as he is a fussy eater and the menu has been altered for his needs

Altogether I give 5 stars (excellent)

Very happy thanks for providing a great environment

Excellent she has loved nursery from day one

Warm and welcoming

Mazehill provides an excellent level of care; all the staff are lovely and genuine and care about the children. I have always felt that my child is well supported and nurtured (even if he is a little monkey!)

My child had speech and language problems but since being at nursery he talks loads and is more confident

Extremely welcoming they have made the change stress free

Excellent !!

Would highly recommend the nursery to everyone